Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hello, Dr. G?

I had been trying to remember when Kaswyn had his last ultrasound of that left front suspensory, and I figured I could just call the clinic and see when they had done it last. I called this morning and Dr. G actually answered the phone himself. He's the best lameness doctor for hundreds of miles and he's been seeing Kaswyn from the beginning. My trainer had taken Kaswyn for the ultrasound the day it was done, but I could not be there because of work.

Dr. G told me that the last ultrasound was December 2006, and then asked what was going on. I told him what Dr. B had done recently and he said that Dr. B had talked to him about Kaswyn's recent situation. So then I told him about his lameness at the walk and asked what he thought about doing another ultrasound of the leg to rule out the suspensory. He said he thought it was an excellent idea and that he'd make copies of the last ultrasound for Dr. B, because Dr. B will be coming out to the barn do the scan instead of me having to take Kaswyn to Dr. G's clinic. He also said he'd have another consultation with Dr. B where they would discuss Kaswyn's case. Dr. B will be out next Wednesday to do the scan.

I decided to lunge Kaswyn today instead of riding him so I could see how his leg looked while it was working. His walk was still off, but when I asked him to trot he took off happily and looked pretty good. I have a suspicion that his enthusiasm was covering any pain he might have been feeling because he only looked slightly off in the left front. We only lunged ten minuted total, and then I walked him for ten minutes. Again the walk was off, with the stiff fetlock and short stride.

So I'll be anxious to see how the ultrasound looks next Wednesday. If it's okay then we need to figure out what's going on in there. If he's got a lesion or tear on the suspensory, then it's lots of time off and hand-walking for us.


Beth said...

I cant wait to hear what happens with him!

I just read all about your first trainer and breaking up with your second trainer! I love the way you write...made me want to go to the beginning of your blog and read from there!

That is really sad about your first trainer...lets hope someday she just shows up...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I'm hoping for something to show up on the US or not. It would be nice to have a solid diagnosis, but I know how you both feel about the walking thing.
No matter what happens you are a terrific mommy to your big boy and he is as lucky to have you as you are to have him.

dressagemom said...

I'm not sure if I want anything to show up either. A suspensory injury is not a good thing to have. But it would be something to explain this recent bout of lameness, and it does have a good prognosis. However, a suspensory injury could show up and it might be just one of many things wrong in that area of his leg. I guess we'll wait and see.

Katie said...

you've been tagged by me! check out my blog for details!

Rising Rainbow said...

I think this is the hardest part about leg injuries, just trying to figure out what they are. I hope this all turns out well and that you have some answers soon.

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