Thursday, December 19, 2013

Two under the seat

Well, I've ridden Phil twice now.  He's been absolutely fantastic.  Calm, willing, attentive, submissive.  I'm super pleased with the work that my trainer and her assistant have done while I've been off from riding.  My neck feels great, as does my right arm.  My abs are sore though cause they haven't been used in three months!  

I'm going back to work on Monday the 30th.  Hopefully my return to work will go as well as my return to riding.  I have the exercises, stretches, and cervical traction that I need to help keep my neck and shoulders in good shape when I return to work.  

Wish me luck!  

Happy Holidays to all. 


Equine Snob said...

So glad to hear that your riding has been successful! Wishing you a successful return to the rest of your life as you continue to heal! I can't wait to follow your progress! :)

Sandy-Ra said...

Good luck!

Sandy-Ra said...

I hope your return to work was uneventful! Good luck and keep us posted!

Bonnie said...

Hi, have you thought about modifying the microscope. You can hook them up to a TV monitor so you don't have to look into the scope at all. That might help!

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