Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finally, the show!

So much to say, not enough time to write!

Okay, quick rundown on the show from March 26. We did the same thing as I did last time – haul in Saturday, work in the arenas, back Sunday morning to work in both arenas, then show.

Phil was much calmer this time around, but he was still very nervous. Saturday schooling was fine, as was Sunday morning. But I decided to bring him out at lunchtime and work again since our ride times were right after lunch. He was good in the warmup, but was really agitated in the arena.

Here’s the video of Intro B.

You can see during our first trot circle someone in the aisleway started scooping poop with a shovel right on the other side of the wall and Phil started to freak out. He really wanted to bolt out of control like he used to, but he didn’t. He let me get him through it and we finished the test, but he didn’t make a good steady contact. No ribbon and a 60.63%.

Ride two was pretty much the same. Here is Intro C.

The canter work went really well. I know there is like four seconds of canter, but I was just happy that it didn’t get out of control! 4th place with a 63.5%

Then Debbie showed Kaswyn. This time, Kaswyn was all business and did a fanastic job for her. She actually won her first class, and was second in her second class!

Here is her second ride. We had a video boo-boo on the first ride, so we don’t have it recorded. Don’t they make a pretty picture?

I’m mostly happy with the show, because it proved to both Phil and I that scary things can happen in the show ring and we can get through it without freaking out and bolting like a crazy pony. I think I may have overworked him and made him mentally tired, so next time I’ll do less work. Then maybe our connection and concentration will improve.

Since the show we’ve been able to ride outside a few times. I have to write about that. It’s been an adventure! I really think we’re making progress. I’m going to schedule another lesson soon. I’m really excited!


Jenflex said...

Phil looks like he is so much more relaxed and trusting! Really looks like he is reaching for the bit.

Great work!

Marnie K said...

Phil looks like he's trying so hard! I can really see progress! And Kaswyn looks so happy and relaxed having a job to do again. I'm glad the show was a success for you!

paint_horse_milo said...

That facility is beautiful! Kaswyn looks great, as did Phil, there were some nice moments.

OnTheBit said...

You have just totally made my morning. I hope that at my first show next week with my greenie I can ride as well as you did. You were quiet, yet making corrections! I have been given a lot of guff for starting at intro and not training level, so it makes me feel so much better that you also chose to start from the ground level and work your way up. I also have to say that I love both of your outfits! Perfect style for a less formal show!

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr