Friday, April 13, 2012

April "It's Showtime" Weekly Post #2

#2 - Keep Show Ready

Lots of times packing for a show can be stressful. But if you get organized, and stay organized between shows, it can become much easier. I basically basically have three places that I keep my stuff for those - the basement, my closet ,and the barn.

The Basement. I keep a tub in the basement with all of my clean show stuff in it. Show pads, clean brushes (only to be used on clean show horses), wraps, coolers, towels, bridle hooks, a hose, etc. On top of the tub are buckets with miscellaneous stuff I know I'll need. Next to that are my boots, and my helmet. If it's all together I know I just need to grab everything that’s sitting there, and it makes it easier.

The Closet. I keep a duffel bag with all of my show clothes in it. After each show I wash all my breeches, show shirts, and check my coats and have them cleaned if necessary. My coats and my breech duffel duffel are all in the same place in a closet, so I know I have to grab the breeches, shirts, white show undies, stock ties, and stock pins from the duffel, select the coats I'll need, and that's done. Now that I have all my clothes and clean stuff from home, all that's left is barn equipment

The Barn. Since I'm such a freak about cleaning my tack after every ride, I just need to grab my clean saddles and bridles (already in a bridle bag) and the tack is all set. Then my tack cleaning bucket, some grooming supplies, and wound bucket. I keep a bucket with all my wound care stuff in it - Aluspray, Silvadine, sterile gauze and wrapping, scissors, sterile saline, anything you can think of just in case somebody gashes themselves in a trailer and it's not bad enough to need stitches. For the grain, I will usually bag in individual servings if we're going to a short show, but if it's a long show and several horses eat the same grain, then it's easier to just bring the whole bag and a scoop. Then it's load hay, dump buckets, wrap horses, and we're outta there!

I love going to shows. Sure, it's stressful and a lot of preparation, but I still think it's a blast.

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