Friday, October 28, 2011

It's a wrap

Phil doesn't care for leg wraps. I understand the fact that he's not used to them because he never had to wear them before. However, now that he's a dressage horse he needs to wear them. And he does, every time I work him. Trying to get the back wraps on him is a challenge, because he doesn't want to stand still, or put weight on the leg I'm wrapping. Sometimes he waves the leg in the air a little (okay, sometimes a LOT). He tolerates them but he's not happy about it.


(but he's still really cute even when he's being bad).

You'll notice that's a YouTube video. I finally created an account for horsey videos - DressageMomBlog. Right now I only have two videos posted - this one and the one of my first lesson with Phil (which you can find here). I'll post more in the upcoming months.

Also, an update on Kaswyn. He has been giving lessons to little kids and he's been doing great! He stands like a trooper while they groom him and he's really good when they ride him too. The problem is that his dance card has been a little full and I haven't gotten a chance to ride him in a week! I am often there for his lessons so I know how he's being used, and I approve. He's certainly not overly taxed, because some of the kids just walk. He doesn't give lessons every day, and each lesson is only about 20 minutes. My only concern is that he's not being asked to get on the bit, and I'm a little worried that he'll get sore or stiff. So I'm hoping to be able to hop on him and get him really round and stretching about once a week, but I don't want him to work more than three days in a row. I'm not super concerned, it's just something I want to keep an eye on.

Somebody asked me today if I was going to a show next weekend. Not yet... but soon. I watched the footage of Phil's first lesson and compared it to how he felt tonight (which was FANTASTIC) and he's come such a long way. I'm thinking January. Sure, I could do Intro, but he can canter so I think I'll try Training. Maybe. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

This makes me laugh especially how he pouts and tries to get them off each leg.

Amy said...

That is very cute. He is just stating he is not happy about them at all. cute guy. I would love to see a video of how improved he is!

Kerri said...

What a character. At least he's not shy letting you know what he wants.

Marnie K said...

My TB acts the same way with wraps or boots. Since we don't work too hard and mostly trail ride on easy ground I've decided it's one battle that he can win.

Anonymous said...

Could you post some still shots of Phil? Pretty please? I can't view the videos and I want to see him!


Val said...

He IS cute.

Maybe he does not need to wear bandages. I have read that bandages offer minimal protection. Just a thought.

Mona Sterling said...

Your blog is so fun to read and since I also own a young grey Arab (5 yr old mare) it will be fun to follow along. She doesn't like having her legs wrapped either. I don't mind the waving of the leg AFTER the wrap is on, it's the waving of the leg while I'm wrapping it that makes me nervous. :)
p.s. Phil has the CUTEST face with that big blaze and white nose!

Jen said...

That is a hoot; I got a kick out of the look he gave you. *laugh* Poor, poor Phil (such sacrifice, right?). My PC had a virus so I've been out of the loop for a bit.

I'm delighted to see the two of you making such progress and to know that Kaswyn is doing so well. Hooray! all around ;o)

Anonymous said...

I've had success in the rear leg wrapping department by having someone else pick up one of the horse's front legs while I'm wrapping the back legs, and giving lots of praise & treats.

It might help him get over his aversion to wraps! :)


achieve1dream said...

What are the leg wraps for? Just curious because we never used any at my barn. :)

He's so cute!! When you walked around in front of him that expression he gave you was so adorable. He's not naughty at all hehe.

I'm glad Kaswyn is doing so well. I bet the lessons will be good for him because it keeps him moving. Is there a way you could ride him on a short lesson day? That way you could have him round up and stretch out while still giving him his full days off. And if it's two short rides instead of one long one that shouldn't hurt him right?

I too would love to see some still shots of Phil. He is absolutely gorgeous in that video! I bet you love him already. :D

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr