Monday, August 22, 2011



Things have changed. AGAIN. And I'm going to stop trying to figure out what's going to happen. I'm not going to give details, but suffice it to say that I might not know until the end of the month if I will own this horse or not.

I have a specific set of parameters that I'm working with, and certain things that must happen in order for it to work out. Believe me, I want it to work out and I've done everything I could do (and have been willing to do) to make it happen. Now I have to just relax and let things be.

If it's meant to be, I will own this horse. If it's not meant to be, I won't. I believe everything happens for a reason and if it works out now, then great. If not, then I can at least say that I did everything I could and it just didn't happen. Sure, I'll be VERY VERY sad if it doesn't work out. I could really see myself having a fantastic partnership with this horse, and I think he has the talent, heart, and brain to go all the way. Yup, I'm talking FEI material. If this doesn't happen I'll always be sad about what could have been. But I'll get over it. Eventually.

I will update you on the situation when one of two things happen - either I have his signed registration papers, or someone else does. Only then will I know for sure what the outcome is.


achieve1dream said...

Sorry this has been so difficult. I believe things happen for a reason too, so if it's meant to be you'll get him. :)

Yankecwgrl said...

Wow, I haven't checked your blog in a while.....but it looks like a lot has gone on since the last time you did!
Can't wait to check back in a bit, and see what happens!
I hope whatever happens, that it's for the best!

Jen said...

Here's hoping!

Laura said...

I feel your pain. I'm in the process of moving. The sale of my house is on/off on/off. For good, off... This leaves me in a state of panic. It's still on the market, but the market sucks, to be blunt.

I have a mare who presented a surprise filly in June that I need to find a home for - I can't afford 2 horses either with no job and no prospects. I need to finish paying the trainer for the 2nd one (a haflinger that I can't wait to ride), so I can bring her home in October.

The rollercoaster life is very hard. I keep reminding myself that the Universe is trying to teach me something, but I'm just not getting the picture, yet. I need to keep trying...

My mantra is "you can't always get what you want, but ... you get what you need."

It helps... Sort of!

Kate said...

Good luck. One day to go!

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