Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Better, but no saddle time

Whew! I feel much better today. I spent two days at home from work, just lying in bed, recuperating. It was great because I got better, but this morning I was thinking just how much I could have accomplished around the house in two days with my kids at school and my husband at work. It seems like I wasted two days! But I know that since I got over my sickness that it was a good thing that I stayed in bed.

There still will be no riding for me, however, since a huge storm is currently dumping way too much snow in my area. I don't really fancy getting stranded out at the barn, and being that I've seen the roads out there when it snows I think that could be a distinct possibility. So I'll get the girls and head home.

Riding tomorrow is out, as swim lessons start tomorrow (for my girls, not the horses), and then we're busy all weekend.

Monday, perhaps? Lately this has been a riding blog that features very little riding. Really, this is getting downright pathetic.


achieve1dream said...

Sometimes life gets in the way, but it'll be okay. You'll be back on a horse in no time. :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

Glad to hear your feeling better. You needed the two days resting to get better, forget the housework and riding for now. We're getting dumped on with snow too. The girls should love the swimming lessons, that's great to be able to do in the middle of winter.

Anonymous said...

I have neck problems as well thanks to a horse that I acquired from a man that didn't know what he was doing, so in the beginning he would go into bronc style bucking fits and essentially gave me whiplash, according to my chiropractor. It took five years to figure this out but I'm slowly getting.
My mom was in a car wreck two months ago and in constant neck pain even after three days a week of chiro and acupuncture. It wasn't improving so the chiro tested her for fallen arches and suggested inserts in her shoes. It was a miracle cure! She has been pain free and could now do the strength test that she failed without them in. Might be something worth trying?

Abigail said...

Well, Monday's right around the corner now. Maybe you can get back into the saddle soon. I know it's an awful feeling!

Eve said...

Hi! I stumbled onto your blog and see you love dressage and science too and I can already tell from reading a little bit that I love your blog. :o)

Anonymous said...

be a in the moment...enjoy watching your girls and soak up the warm poolside, watch the snow and marvel at the whiteness..when you do get back to the barn revel in the horses...and is worth it!

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