Sunday, October 04, 2009

SHN - Saturday Videos

Here are the two videos from Saturday's rides at Sport Horse Nationals. The first one is my trainer riding Skyy in Training Level Open. It's a lovely ride!

This next one is my ride on Albert in First Level Amateur to Ride.

Both tests got us Top Ten awards.

After the awards ceremonies were over we asked the photographer (Bob Tarr, who is fantastic! - to get some pictures of my trainer and I riding next to each other in the show ring. Here is the video.

You can see that their legs matched up only at certain times, but he got at least three pictures of their legs totally synced up.

I don't know if you'll be able to hear, but we are both totally laughing during the little ride. See, when my trainer first had the idea and Bob was ready to get the photos, she says to me "Come on, you have go get close. Get him over here! Boots to boots, just like the Lipizzaner show!"

My trainer used to be in the Lipizzaner show, so she has done many many choreographed rides with multiple horses. Albert has also done many musical rides with Susan for his mounted police unit work, so he was totally unphased. Skyy was just thrilled to get that close to Albert, but I hadn't even done anything like that before. So when Bob was ready my trainer kept saying "Come ON! Closer! Let's GO!" and I'm laughing, and then you hear Bob saying "Come on! Go!"

It the most fun time I've had in the show ring with my trainer. Absolutely a blast and a very special moment that doesn't happen very often.

We all ordered photos from Bob, and as soon as we get them in I'll post them here (with permission, of course).

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Cheryl said...

We call this "working pairs" in the Western world.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr