Friday, October 02, 2009

Painful, but not broken

Today was my day off, because I work this weekend. So it started with getting everyone up and helping Craig get the girls to school. Then I paid bills and ran to my chiro to have another cervical decompression treatment. It really felt good during the treatment, and I was pain free for about 15 minutes after the treatment. But then the pain crept back into my neck and down my arm. Joy.

I had about 2 hours before my appointment with my family doc, so I ran to the barn to lunge horses. I started with Fire. He still has issues with fear of being worked, so we just took it nice and slow. I didn't want to ride but I wanted him to work in equipment so I put the surcingle and side reins on him with the reins nice and long. Of course his trot started out very fast and tense, with his neck high up in the air, but as I talked to him he slowed down and by the end of the ten minutes he was trotting very nicely and stretching down into the bit. I was so thrilled that the lessons we worked on all those months ago had no been forgotten. He is such a smart boy.

Then it was on to Albert, who I just lunged in his halter. That horse also has lunging issues and starts out so slow and tense in the beginning. Eventually he relaxes somewhat but I never get the total letdown and mouth chewing from him on the lunge line. He would be so much happier if I rode him, but I won't do that with this neck pain (as much as I want to).

Lastly, my sweet Kaswyn. I decided to lunge him in long side reins also, and he was stretching wonderfully over his back. And wow does he look sound. He's getting back into shape and was very into working. I'm so very excited about our next steps of training.

Then I headed to my doctor's appointment. I didn't have time to go home and change, so I just switched my barn jacket for a clean one that I had stashed in my car and hoped that I didn't smell too much like a dirty stall. After a lengthy discussion with my doc, and a brief exam, he concluded that it was unlikely that I had a fracture, but it's possible that I could have a disc problem. He said an x-ray would show any bulging or misplaced discs (so no need for an MRI) and had me get one after the visit. He also didn't think the anti inflammatory the other doc had ordered for me was going to help much, so he put me on prednisone. I'm on a six day decreasing dose that should zap the inflammation, which is part of the problem. The other part of my issue is the muscle spasms from the inflammation that causes the pain, which causes more inflammation, etc. So to stop the vicious cycle I need to be on the steroid (prednisone) and also take muscle relaxers.

The problem with this is I have to work this weekend, and I am not very functional on muscle relaxers. Also that Flexeril really messed with my head at night, so he said I can take klonopin, which I've taken before for back spasms. So I'm supposed to take the pred, and the klonopin as much as possible.

So I went home and took the pred, but Craig has a late meeting at work so I have to go fetch the girls from school. And I really don't want to be driving all drugged out on klonopin, so I'm still in a bit on pain right now. And I have to get up at 5:45 tomorrow for work, so I need to take that klonopin ASAP or getting up tomorrow is going to suck.

The good news is my x-rays showed no disc issues, so my doc said to continue with the medicine plan that we already talked about and that if I'm not feeling significantly better by Monday I'm to come back and see him. I already have an appointment for 1:00 pm on Monday. Hopefully I won't need it, but I know that if I do I'd never be able to get in to see him. So I'll cancel if necessary. And he said that as soon as my pain is gone I can ride again.

So I need to heal up! I've got big plans for those ponies!

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