Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Officially in another division

In Arabian breed shows, the larger adult amateur divisions are often divided by age. Usually 18 to 39 and 40 and Over. When I was a kid and showing I used to think the people in the 40 and Over classes were so old. I think that's funny. Now that I'm in the 40 and Over division, anyway.

Here's the thing about me and birthdays - I don't have birthday parties. Not since my 11th birthday, when I invited around 30 girls to my house for a party and only one person showed up. I can attribute this to the one person who did show up. She lived next door and I considered her my best friend. She, however, considered me the girl she would do stuff with when she had no better offers. She was popular, stylish, and outspoken. I was none of those things, which made me the one who was excluded from the group. That and the fact that my Fake Best Friend would encourage others to tease me, and would also cut me down brutally to my face. I only put up with it because I didn't think I could make any new friends, so there were many times that I was in tears because of how I was treated. In fact, this one girl was having a birthday party and when another girl could not show up the party giver crossed the other girls name off the invitation and wrote mine in, explaining that she needed to have the same number of boys and girls. Of course, I went to the party, only to be sneered at and made fun of.

I spent a lot of time with Fake Best Friend because she lived next door, so this gave me the illusion of being part of the group. Having this party affirmed that I was, in fact, not included. This crushed me, and my parents were devastated that their daughter only had one person come to her party. My dad saved the day though, and decided to take me and my only guest to an amusement park for the day. It was a great day once we got there, but I have not had another birthday party since then that included anyone but family. Luckily my family didn't diss me and I have had decent birthdays. Also, within a year of my doomed 11th birthday party I called the Fake Best Friend a bitch and told her that I didn't want to be her friend any more. I found new, real friends and was happy.

Despite this, I still like other people's parties, and I enjoy giving them too. Over the past two years I have thrown two surprise parties. One for my Genuine Best Buddy for her 40th, and one for Craig for his 39th. I knew my 40th was coming and I told them, in no uncertain terms, that I did NOT want a surprise party. And I did not get one.

I did, however, get an awesome party. You can read all about it here, and see some pictures.

So this is how I looked at my 40th birthday party. My first birthday party in 29 years. I don't think I have a picture from my 11th.

I gotta give some props to Craig for all the awesomeness of the party. Thanks baby. You rock. Maybe I don't need to wait another 29 years for a party. But NO SURPRISES, please.

And the next time I show at an Arabian show I'll be able to be in the 40 and Over division. I wonder how I'll feel when I hit 55 and Over?


Anonymous said...

Your man is amazing! Can he come to California and do my next big one? And believe, me it is a biggie. His centerpiece beat the heck out of the dirt cake I made for your last BD party at Blair's house! XOXOXO C

dressagemom said...

You know, I still think of that as a "Going Away" party since I was leaving for Ohio that week. I guess it was a week before my birthday and you DID make that dirt cake, so I guess I'm wrong. Sorry Craig, I did get another birthday party between my 11th and my 40th. It was my 22nd birthday. And if I recall correctly, it was a surprise because Blair told me that I was just coming over for dinner, and when I got there (wearing, if I recall correctly, a pink jumpsuit - it was 1990 after all!) a bunch of barn folks were in attendance. Believe it or not, I still have the card she gave me that day.

craig said...

Well hell, if I had known that, I wouldn't have stressed so much!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! :D

Anonymous said...

This post brought back memories of my mom's 40th Birthday. She, is also not a fan of parties and she did get a surprise on planned by my dad and her best friend. My mom said she loved the party because friends and family were there, but hated the fact that they were gathered to celebrate her "big 4-0."

What fun that part looked like, the food and decos are great. Those palm trees are AWESOME!! What a husband you have, that's sweet!

Is today your Birthday??

dressagemom said...

My birthday is actually August 16th. I was working that weekend so a party on my actual birthday would not have worked out so well.

Anonymous said...

Well happy b-lated Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

You look way too young and hot to be 40.

kassiekin said...

....omg...i just read your husband's blog detailing THE PARTY & much hearty laughter ensued on my end!! - he did a fab job & sounds like he's none too proud of his efforts!!....my 40th looms in a mere 5 mths & i too am in a quandary as to how to celebrate - go BIG or go home i say!!!......anyway, a very happy birthday to you.....may you piaffe your way through the next decade...either that or put on leg-warmers & "wear your sunglasses at night"!!!

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