Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I've been fighting a bit of a cold for about two weeks now. Today I laid down with the girls for their nap and when I woke up I knew I needed to see a doctor. The whole left side of my face was throbbing and the top row of teeth were in significant pain. Just what I need - a sinus infection.

Since I'm still at my parents house I asked my dad if he thought he could get me in to see his doctor. No dice. Instead he found a Doc in the Box for me to go to. It was actually a very nice experience, except for the fact that they didn't take my insurance. I left the place with a prescription and a receipt for the $114 I had to put on my credit card. I'll submit it to my insurance and hopefully they'll reimburse me.

I came back to my parents house and watched the girls swim in the pool. Then I cleaned them up and tried to eat dinner. Even with chewing on the other side, the first time I brought my teeth together sent a shooting pain rocketing up through my head. I seriously saw stars. I thought I'd give it another try and just chew carefully, but it didn't work. I had to surrender my lasagna to my dad and heated up some tomato soup. I took some ibuprofen and that seemed to help a bit with the pain.

So now it's almost 3 am and my head is throbbing again. I had to get up and eat a bowl of cereal before I could take more ibuprofen because if I take it on an empty stomach I'll feel really sick. I'm just waiting for that to kick in so I can get some sleep. I've been awake since 1:30 debating on if I should bother getting up.

While I'll be glad to be home so I can see Craig and my horse again, I'm really not looking forward to getting on a plane tomorrow with a sinus infection. If I was flying alone I would just totally dope myself up and feel no pain, but I've got two little girls to look after. I'm just glad it's me and not them who is sick!

Oh, any guesses on if the arena got fixed while I was

a) Gone for a week at my trainers barn for Boot Camp


b) Gone for a week to my parents for a visit and a funeral?

The answer? Of course not! My horse is sound and ready to train. But I have no place to ride. I'm so frustrated I could scream.


Jenflex said...

Try Mucinex as a support. I suffer from chronic sinus infections, and it really helps.

My condolences on the flight. That's no fun, speaking from experience. You might try some Neo-Synephrine just for the flight to help keep drainage going so you don't suffer worse.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dressage Mom,
I just found your blog and find it very interesting as I share many of the same life challenges as you! i.e, two young children and an old horse (well, I actually have TWO old horses!), a husband and an overwhleming passion (obsession?) for dressage. Unlike you though, I live on an island in the North Atlantic with no dressage instructors! I have had dressage instruction a long time ago and am finding the passion again! I learn a lot online, through videos (I am pretty addicted to the "dressage training online" site right now!) Horses are pretty hard to come by around here, but there is an Arabian for sale....seeing as you have an arabian I was wondering of you could pass along any opinion on arabs and dressage. Most people seem to go for the warmbloods so I was curious on your thoughts. When you do compete, is it in shows that are speciifically for arabs or are they open shows? thanks for any opinion, I'll be checking ion to your blog again I'm sure!!!!
Nicole in the North Atlantic!

dressagemom said...


Last time I had a cold I took Mucinex and it was great for a few days, and then I got stomach trouble. My stomach is just super sensitive and can't handle it for some reason. Today I feel much better and the pressure seems to be almost gone. So hopefully I'll get through the flight without wanting to drill a hole in my head.


I personally think that Arabians are great for dressage. The are very smart, athletic, and extremely willing to please. Jewel over at 20metercircleoflife.blogspot.com also has an Arabian. We both show (or have shown) our horses at Open (all breed) dressage shows, and also at Arabian breed shows, mostly Regionals and Nationals.

I think the key to doing well with Arabians in dressage is to find a trainer that is not going to have a bias against them. Most trainers have not worked with Arabs and they immediately think that the horse won't be capable. But what Arabians might lack in outrageous wormblood-type movement they make up for in brains and heart. I think it's well worth your time and I know that my next horse will be an Arabian.

Good luck, and start a blog so we can all see how you're doing!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sorry to hear about your sinus infection, I get them all the time and it is a miserable feeling. When I've had to fly I usually take Advil cold and sinus an hour before boarding and it seems to help the ice-pick in the ear feeling on descent. Good luck.

Katee said...

I hate sinus infections! Many "pressure relieving" prayers are coming your way.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply and if I start a blog I'll let you know!

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