Sunday, July 06, 2008

Boot Camp Session One - Days 3 and 4

I've been a bit busy this weekend so I'm just getting a chance to write about Saturday's ride. It wasn't much different than Friday's ride. We worked on the same exercises from our lesson on Thursday, and Kaswyn felt really very good. I decided to see what his half passes felt like so I did two lines each direction of trot and canter half pass. The first line I did was just a short diagonal (corner to centerline) and the second was a full diagonal. He really felt good and doing the half passes made Kaswyn really jazzed. I think the upper level movements get him really energized because he loves to show off!

The turnout situation is exactly what I thought it would be. Both Saturday morning and Sunday morning all Kaswyn did was run and scream, even though there were horses clearly in his sight about 20 feet from him. He's just such a boob and can't be turned out alone. They are going to try him with another horse tomorrow and hopefully that will go better.

Today I was really really sore. My hips and back were all tight and my abs were killing me. I'm not used to riding this many days in a row, and with such intensity. I decided that Kaswyn probably felt the same way so today all we did was walk around the farm for a good 20 minutes. Afterwards my hips and back felt much better, but my abs were still sore. We have our second lesson tomorrow. I'll be sure to load up on ibuprofen beforehand!

Since it was a beautiful day I took a bunch of photos of the farm to share.

Here is Kaswyn looking out of his stall.

This is the barn aisle.

The barn from the front.

The barn from the side.

The wash rack.

The huge tack room.

The beautiful and spacious tack lockers.

One of the all weather paddocks. This one has a run-in shed with stalls built on the inside. Kaswyn may live in one of these stalls for future Boot Camps if all the stalls in the main barn are filled.

Another all weather paddock with run-in shed.

The outside of the indoor arena.

The inside of the indoor arena.

The front grass pasture

The back grass pasture

The side grass pasture. There's even another huge grass pasture that I didn't get a photo of.

Future site of the outdoor arena. The area has drain tile laid already and has been leveled off. All it needs is footing and borders of some type and it will be finished. It's okay to ride on so I walked him around there today. It's really nice.

So as you can see, the farm is beautiful. It's going to be really hard to leave.


Kim said...

Gorgeous place!

Thanks for sharing your bootcamp experience. It's been wonderful to read about your enthusiasm!

jesterjigger said...

The barn looks like heaven! Sounds like boot camp is going well too, can't wait to read the next installment!

Katee said...

Holy Cow! I want to live there. The barn is so new and clean and the tack boxes are actually big enough for tack and the pastures and green and wow it just looks great.

redkcolumbus said...

Even as a non norse person, I can see how lovely and mmaculate it is.

I think you need to win the superlotto, buy land and build your own stables and arena.

Grey Horse Matters said...

The barn looks like a really great place to keep a horse and ride. It seems your boot camp experiences are going well, but I can relate to the soreness and pain killers.

coymackerel said...

Wow - no wonder you want to have K there - such a gorgeous place. I love how clean it is.

Videos are interesting - looks like you have a great seat. You're way past me in terms of what you're working on but I can relate to needing to take your horse more in hand - that's something I'm working on too.


Wiola said...

Really happy for you for having such a productive time in what looks like a wonderful set-up :) Hope your asthma attack goes away soon!

Rising Rainbow said...

That place is gorgeous. I could live with one of those.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr