Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lateral work... but SLOWLY

Although I haven't posted about it, Kaswyn and I have been doing a little lateral work and circles for about a week. I never got a call from Dr. B, and after discussing it with my trainer we both thought we should just give it a try and see what the result is.

The result is a big smile on my face.

No swelling, no uneven strides, no lameness. We are just doing a few circles and leg yields, which I suppose could be considered the easiest of the lateral movements, and we aren't doing a lot of them. But Kaswyn is up to doing the work, and he feels pretty good doing it.

I'm noticing the same old problems though with his left side (his body, not his leg). He has always tended to shove his shoulders left and push through the left rein, and I'm definitely seeing that again. However, I am much more skilled and have better feeling as a rider now than I did when Kaswyn was first learning leg yields, so I can at least attempt to fix the problem. Knowing there is an issue is only half the battle, but I'm working on it.

Overall I think that this whole ordeal is going to make both Kaswyn and I better than we were before. I have the ability now to make him work over his back and not be lazy, to make him straight when he wants to be crooked, and use my seat more effectively to minimize my rein aids. I've already realized just recently that during our walk pirouettes I have been stopping my seat which causes Kaswyn to spin around or get stuck. Now that I'm thinking about keeping my seat active during the pirouette the movement is becoming quite good. Amazing what can happen when you ride correctly.

You'd think after 25 years that this wouldn't be such a revelation.


Anonymous said...

That is such awesome news!!! I really need to get out and see you ride some day :-)

Anonymous said...


I understand what you are talking about. I've been working on keeping Hen straight. Who knew that something so "supposedly" easy would be so hard. He loves to shove left as well. I know that's my bad side, so I'm not helping.

Awesome news about your progress.

Rising Rainbow said...

Very Cool! So glad that you're moving forward.

And the 25 year duh! Well, that's typical for all of us. LOL Hey, but you caught it yourself without someone having to point it out to you. That's awesome!

I need to get back on Dandy but with my open house in 2 weeks don't know that I can. Am working him in the long lines and he looks awesome. Even have him doing great lateral work.

We missed youth nationals (but probably wouldn't if we'd known they extended the closing) but next year will be soon enough, I guess.

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