Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good news, and more good news

I've been afraid to write this, but Kaswyn has been feeling really good lately.

Every time I ride him he feels a little bit stronger. I guess it's more like he's steadier, and is moving forward with less hesitation and more purpose. I've been riding him a little bit more into the corners - not really deep in the corners like we used to do but a little more squared off than a circle. He seems to be handling this pretty well, and is improving the balance throughout. He's had no swelling or heat in his leg either.

I added two more laps of trot and he seems to be physically okay with that. I really think the canter work has helped with everything from his flexibility to his stamina. When I sit his trot at the end of our workouts he feels (dare I say it) like the horse I used to ride three years ago.

On the subject of little girls, I must say that Lily is a super duper champ with the potty training. She is only in a pull-up at night to sleep, and during the day she uses the bathroom all by herself. We have the occasional accident, and that's mostly because she's playing and waits too long to go and ends up with a soggy butt. For the majority of the time, however, she's doing great.

Her next assignment - potty train her little sister.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Kasweinner is doing better!! I'm sure he'll keep progressing along and soon you'll be allowed to add in some lateral stuff. Go Kasweinny! :)

It was fun judging with ya again this past weekend. Nick did very well in Crown. He should be pretty happy with his preformance.

Anonymous said...

Very cool news! Send your potty trained little one this one - maybe *she* can convince AJ to go poo-poo on the potty since none of the rest of us can!

Rising Rainbow said...

Glad to here that Kaswyn is doing better. That must be a relief.

I have no comment about the potty training. Thankfully I no longer have to worry about that stuff. Thank God!!

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