Thursday, May 18, 2006

Dressage Mom? Huh?

So what's this all about? Well, it's about me. And my kids. And my horse. Why does anyone care? Becuse I think there are a lot of people out there like me - women who work full time, have kids, and also have a horse addiction.

Make no mistake, having a horse is an addiction. I get a serious jones if I don't go out to the barn every couple of days. Every now and then non-barn life will prevent me from going to see my horse for days at a time, and inevitably my husband will say "Hey, please go to the barn. You're driving me crazy." I guess I get bitchy or something.

I love my horse. I've had him since he was 3, and he's 15 now. He's a purebred Arabian gelding who is an FEI level dressage horse. He's a multi-National Champion, but that's not why I love him. I love him because we've worked hard together to become what we both are today. He's super smart and has a great work ethic. He's just a really good guy.

I also love my kids. I have two delightful daughters. Lily is 2 and a half, and Macey will turn one next month. Both kids crack me up on a daily basis. I can't imagine my life without them. They're the best kids in the world (no matter what you say about your kids).

Thus begins the tale of how I'm trying to fit it all in, and all the pitfalls that go along with it. The guilt (about money spent and time not spent with kids or hubby), the stress (about work, sick kids, sick horse, and a husband who is sometimes just sick of it all), the excitement (of seeing my daughter walk for the first time, or winning my USDF Silver Medal), and the satisfaction (of a rarely spotlessly clean house, or daily clean tack).

By the way, my husband has his own journal web site - It's in redesign mode because he accidentally broke it while doing web site work for my dressage trainer. Unlike previous jobs, his new job prevents him from working on his site all day, so it's taking a bit to get it back up and running. The archives are pretty funny though. Anyway, when I told him I was making a blog he told me that it better not get more readers than his site. I told him that I'd make sure it was shittier than his. How am I doin so far, honey?


Anonymous said...

Well done, sweetheart. It's just shitty enough.

Lil Kate said...

I think DM just needs to start cultivating a loyal readership - just like Scripturient did - and then we'll see who comes out on top! I'm afraid that I'll have to be loyal to both. It'll help me keep tabs on you guys.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... your blog has current posts. His blog doesn't. I think maybe you might just sorta possibly edge him out.

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