Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sleepy time

I'm writing this entirely with one hand, because my other arm is holding a sleeping baby. Macey fell asleep early tonight and I'm trying to decide if she's down for the night. I expect her to wake up any second now.

Macey is a much better sleeper than Lily was at this age. While Lily didn't sleep all night until she was 14 months old, Macey will sleep through the night about half of the time. The other half she'll only wake up once. Every now and then, when she's not feeling well, she will wake up every hour and a half. This kills me in the morning when I have to go to work (because it never happens on a weekend when I can sleep in).

Craig is taking Lily up to bed, and she just came in and gave me and her sister a hug and a kiss goodnight. We are so lucky that Lily is so good with Macey. Only rarely does she get jealous of her. Lily is a huge Daddy's girl, so it worked out very well when I had Macey and began paying so much attention to the baby. Oh there were times when Lily wanted me to hold her, but for the most part she was perfectly happy to have time with her daddy. The only problem was when I wasn't home and Craig needed to attend to Macey instead of Lily. Once Lily said "Daddy, put Macey down." and Craig said "I can't honey - she's crying." and Lily said "Put her down! That's Momma's Macey!!"

Speaking of which, she just woke up crying. Time to get this cranky girl in bed.

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