Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I've started that post three times now. Everything I have to say is boring. I really wanted this website to be funny and interesting, with each post being engaging and thought provoking. Like Craig's site. He's funny. When I'm with him, I'm funny too. But I don't think I'm spontaneously funny. I need some kind of humor catalyst. Like an enzyme. Laughase, perhaps? Only the science geeks will think that's funny. Maybe not even then.

So anyhow, here's the big scoop for this week. My horse is moving to the new barn on Thursday. I went there twice this past weekend to take care of my trainer's horse while she was at a show. It's a very nice barn. It's only got 12 stalls, so it's small and quiet, which is good sometimes. But I wonder if I'll be there by myself most of the time. I guess many of the people who board there have full time jobs and come to ride after work like I do, so maybe I will get to see people. It's fun to have someone to talk horses with when you're grooming or cleaning tack or whatever.

Even though it's nice to see other people at the barn, it's also nice to be able to have to whole ring to yourself. Especially if the other riders are not very aware of other horses in the ring. Then it just gets annoying. There was this one woman who we used to board with who used to look down as she rode and you always had to watch out for her, cause she sure as hell wasn't watching for you. She's just ride wherever and almost run right into you. We'd tell her "Look UP!" and she'd say "Oh I'm so sorry!" but nothing ever changed. The etiquette when riding is to A) If you are walking, walk off of the rail. B) When passing each other while heading towards each other, pass left shoulder to left shoulder so you don't collide. And C) When going across the diagonal or doing some other pattern where people might benefit from knowing where you are headed, call it out so nobody gets in your way. Sounds simple, right? With some people, not so much. I understand concentrating on your riding, but for god sakes, learn to multi-task so nobody gets killed.

Regardless of how the other boarders ride, I can't wait to get there. There haven't been any more incidents with Mowin' Man, mostly because I think he was asked not to do anything with the horses anymore. It's just time to go. I hope Kaswyn likes it. That's the most important thing.


craig said...

BOOOR-RING! Talk more about your husband. He sounds cool.

Anonymous said...

Not boring. I've just come across your blog and I want more! I'm a horse riding mom, too. I wouldn't call myself a dressage mom, although it is my dream to be able to call myself that one day. I live in Istanbul. In November I bought a ten year old S-level Trakhaner stallion for my dressage-riding daughter, who is 15 and rode at nationals last summer. She's had the flu an has been recovering, so I have been riding him. Now I'm thinking...I'm thinking 44 is not so old to begin a new sport...
Anyway, please get back to blogging. I promise I will read and be a regular commenter if you do.:)
My blog is at: http://www.bosphorusramblings.blogspot.com

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