Friday, September 23, 2011

The new horse - the first video

I know you're waiting for info about the new horse. I'm still super busy, but here is what I can give you right now.

He's a grey, six year old purebred Arabian gelding, and his barn name is Phil. He was a hunter pleasure horse for his previous trainers, and he's been shown a few times so he's broke. But as far as dressage goes he's pretty green. We are working on establishing connection and getting him to work slowly and calmly. He's a spicy little tomato, and has no problem going forward with energy. The issue with that is he gets too quick, loses the rhythm, and starts to rush. But he's a really good boy and wants to do what I'm asking. He's just trying to figure this all out.

This video is of my lesson last week with my trainer. This is at the end of our lesson, so we have already worked out some of the issues - like the fact that I had been leaning forward too much and not using my seat enough. Those are just bad habits that I picked up from not having consistent enough lessons. I hope to change that.

What you'll hear is my trainer schooling me through the last five minutes. She really hates to hear her voice on video (like we all do), but I thought it was really good to hear her instructions and to see what effect they had on me and Phil. So she might not be happy with it, but in the name of education I left her voice in. Sorry! :)

As you can see we have rhythm and connection issues to work out, but those will come rather quickly, I imagine, since Phil is very willing and smart. I hope to be able to get video every month or so. This will help me see our progress.

I'm very excited about Phil. But I haven't forgotten about Kaswyn. I've been riding him about every other day, and he gets turned out with his buddy Mikey - and now sometimes with Phil. I ride him bareback and work on my seat and body position, and he's been as happy as can be. I think we both are relieved that I've taken the pressure off of both of us, and since we don't have to be perfect anymore we can just enjoy each other. He's still not quite even in his stride, but I don't think he hurts. We hack around, occasionally doing fun movements, and just spend time together.

For the first time in six years, I'm really happy about Kaswyn. The apprehension is gone, and the ominous "Will he be lame today?" question is not the first one that I ask myself. Instead, it's "Should he get three treats, or four?" Truthfully it's usually more like five.

Yeah, it's good.

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Official

As of this afternoon, I now own TWO horses.

That's right, I just got the papers in the mail for the horse that I was trying to buy. And he's awesome. Not as awesome as Kaswyn (cause I don't know if any horse will ever be THAT fantastic) but he's great.

Yes, I'll write out the details, but right now I'm really slammed at work and pressed for time at home.

I'm very pleased. Two horses. I said I'd never have two horses. And now I do. Am I nuts?

Friday, September 16, 2011

Kaswyn says...

There are burrs in the pasture. Did you know?

Here is a close up of the train wreck that was his forelock.

I've pulled burrs out of his forelock at least six times already. At this rate he won't have a forelock left by the time the snow hits the ground and the burrs are all gone. Ah well, at least he's enjoying himself outside.

No update yet on the other situation. I'm really hoping to have more info in the next five days or so. *sigh*

And the answer is..

The fish were stinkier than the cauliflower.

Tomorrow, something funny. At least, it was funny to me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lets try this

In an effort to entertain you while I wait for information, lets play "What Smells Worse?"

A) Rotten cauliflower from the back of the fridge


B) Two dead goldfish in a jar

I've smelled both today, so I can answer with authority.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Kaswyn's fun day

I'm still waiting! Argh!

Anyhow, I just thought I'd post an update on Kaswyn. Right now nobody is leasing him, he's not up for any programs, and nobody is using him for lessons, except Macey. She has taken one lesson on him so far and will be coming out to the barn with me on Sundays to have a lesson. Since she is six the lessons will be short, and only at the walk right now, but she is all for it. The barn manager, who is also a trainer, will be teaching her. I tried to teach her but frankly the other gal is much better at teaching kids since she's done it for years. And Macey listens to her much better than she listens to me!

As far as Kaswyn's health goes, he's just fine. He's been missing a shoe for almost two weeks so he can only be ridden at the walk. He still gets turned out every day with his buddy Mikey, which of course he loves. And he is still such a stinker. Here is why.

Yesterday I decided to go up to the paddock where Kaswyn lost his shoe to try and find it for the blacksmith who is coming on Thursday. I decided to take him up there with me and let him graze while I looked. There was a big puddle of water right in front of the entire gate area, and we both had to jump through it to get into the paddock. I figured he would not want to jump over the puddle again, so I didn't latch the gate cause I would have had to stand in the puddle to do so.


I let Kaswyn loose, and started looking for the shoe. Thirty seconds later he headed for the gate, jumped over the puddle, blew through the gate and out of the paddock. He stopped just outside the gate and started to graze. Huh. I figured if he was going to just stand there and eat the nicer grass outside the paddock then fine, I'd keep looking. But noooo, he couldn't do that. About two minutes later he whipped his head in the air, screamed out, and ran full speed back to the barn.

What a booger! Of course I was in the paddock that was the farthest from the barn, so it took me a few minutes to catch up with him. By then one of the gals from the barn saw him and was trying to catch him. She was saying "Are you ok? What happened?"

Yes, I'm okay, and what happened is I was being dumb by not latching the gate.

When Kaswyn gets loose, you can't chase him. He just runs like a total fool and makes a huge game of it. So I just walked calmly behind him and waited for him to stop and eat. Once he figured out that I wasn't going to chase him and holler "WHOA!" at him, he stopped and I caught him easily.

I'll be very happy to have that other shoe on and be able to ride him again. Even at twenty he still knows how to push my buttons. At least he has a good time doing it.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

More so...

I'm still waiting. I can't say anything for sure yet.

Of course I could post all the gory details but I said I wasn't going to get all caught up in the drama of "This is going to work out, yay!" and then two days later "No, this won't work! Argh!".

Stuff is happening. There will be an end to this story. One way or other this horse will have a new owner.

When it's official, I'll post it. All of it.

Friday, September 02, 2011


An offer has been made on the horse. No papers have changed hands yet, however.

Stay tuned...
Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr