Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March Show - Sunday

I watched the video of Saturday's ride, and although it was a nice test I thought I could improve his gaits by allowing him to be more free and asking for more impulsion. So For Training Level test two I pushed him a little bit. Here's the test.

He got a little wild and wooly after that first canter, but other than that he did a great job for me. He scored a 68.929% and out of twelve horses he came in first place! The only other Arabian horse in the class was Pip, who scored a 63.571% and came in third. He also had the third highest score of the entire show. So close to Reserve high point!

I'm so pleased with Lee. He's really going to make somebody a fantastic dressage horse. At only four years old he acts like he's an old pro at this showing thing, and in one show has proven that he can compete against all breeds and not only be in the ribbons, but win a class with a big score. He's very willing, smart, and super laid back. He's got solid classical dressage basics and is uncomplicated to ride. I'm so very lucky to be able to ride and show him, but since he's for sale I know he won't be around forever.

If anyone is interested in owning this lovely horse, shoot me an email - dressagemomblog@yahoo.com. He is four years old, and is registered Half-Arabian (the other half is QH/Appy) and also with the Buckskin Association. He'll be in training and showing both Open and Arabian shows until he sells, and right now he's qualified for Arabian Region 14 Championships in Training Level Dressage, Open and Amateur. He only needs one more score of 62% or better to be qualified for 2011 Arabian Sport Horse Nationals. I'd love to find him a great home! He certainly deserves it.

Monday, March 21, 2011

March Show - Saturday

I wasn't feeling 100% when I got to the show but I was going to ride anyway. I read a test for a friend of mine who was also showing, braided Lee, helped prep Pip for her first class. She was scared of one of the corners by the judge and spooked and carried on a bit, so during the lunch break I spent an hour with the gal riding her and we walked Pip around that end of the arena. I was hoping she'd relax and realize that nothing was going to eat her, but she still spooked in the same place in her next test. Frustrating!

Lee, however, who is only FOUR, and at his second show ever and first recognized show, went in and did a fantastic job with his test.

Yes, he broke twice at the canter and that's my fault. The first one was because I did too large of a half halt trying to get him balanced, and the second one I felt coming but wasn't quick enough with my leg to boot him up into a larger canter. Other than that I liked our ride. We scored a 64.5% and were third in a class of nine. That horse is a gem. He's for sale too, and no, I'm not buying him (but if someone wanted to wrap a bow around him and give him to me as a gift I certainly wouldn't turn him down!)

Onto Sunday, and Training Level test two!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March Show - The week before

Before I get to updating on what happened at the show, let me back up and tell what happened the week before the show.

Macey had been coughing for about a week with a cold. We didn't do anything about it (because if you take them to the doctor like that they will tell you "It's a virus." and do nothing for you anyway), but then on Wednesday morning she started running a fever. So I took her to the doctor and they did a throat swab because she said her throat hurt.

The rapid strep test came back negative, but I stayed home from work and kept her home from school anyway because she had a fever. That night before bed she still had a fever so she would have to stay home the next day too, which was Thursday.

Unfortunately, at work we were super short staffed, so Craig and I traded the poor little girl off twice so we could both get our work done at our jobs. As I was in the middle of something at work the docs office called and said the overnight culture came back positive for strep. Which meant she couldn't go to school until she had been on antibiotics for 48 hours.

This meant that I wouldn't be able to go to the show on Friday like I had planned since I would be home with Macey. Turns out it was probably a good thing, because I started not feeling so well myself. I got a throat swab too, but mine was negative. But by Friday afternoon I was getting the chills and feeling generally rotten.

The plan for the show was for the trainer to ride Lee Friday night in Training Level test one, and the other gal to ride Pip First Level test one. I was going to go up and help them with all the show stuff - unpacking, setting up, warming up, tacking, braiding, all that stuff. Instead I stayed at home and felt really badly for leaving them on their own. They did very well though, with Lee getting a 61.66% and fourth place and Pip getting a 60.345% and second place. Keep in mind this is a recognized USDF/USEF dressage show and not just an Arabian show. So they did just fine without me!

But I got a good night of sleep on Friday and I headed to the show on Saturday. I was to ride Lee in Training Level test one Saturday and Training Level test two on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy boy

Kaswyn is happy. Right now he's sound. And so happy that I was riding him (I didn't work him hard, I just wanted to see if he was sound on a straight line instead of on a circle on the lunge line) that I could hardly keep him from cantering.

But he was sound and happy. So am I. Let's keep this up, huh?

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

An observation and a plan

Observation: not wrapping Kaswyn's leg for one night increased the inflammation.

Not a lot, really. But the pastern was thicker than it was when it got wrapped every night. I did call the vet but he hasn't gotten back to me, so when he does I'm going to tell him about this and hopefully he'll suggest a plan to lower the bute.

I'm hoping my horse massotherapy lady can get out really soon to see Kaswyn. She's just amazing and she said she can do some lymphatic drainage that will help a lot with the swelling. She'll also teach me how to do it so I can work on it every day. The hope is eventually that I can get him off of both bute and wrapping.

Plans: I'll be showing Lee this month at an open dressage show!

The trainer that he's with will also be showing him, but I'm very very lucky that I am able to ride him and show him. He's really a peach! He'll be doing Training Level tests one and two. He's only four but he's so smart and willing. I'm very excited!

We'll plan on getting video, which I will post. He is for sale, and I hope he'll get some good scores and find a fantastic home. He's really worth considering if you're looking for a dressage horse!

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr