Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Rain riding

Today when I got to the barn I went to check the outdoor arena before I decided where to ride. Since it had rained off and on all day I was concerned that the outdoor would be too wet. To my delight, the footing was perfect, 

Of course I lunged Phil first, and I was able to get some pics. Check mah boy out! 

The ride was virtually goose-free, and even though it was raining lightly it didn't seem to bother Phil. The only thing that was annoying was all the sand that got on my boots when I lunged. It made the bottom of my boots slippery and I kept losing my stirrups. Either that or I was doing something weird with my legs or feet or something. 

The cleanup afterwards kind of sucked because there was wet sand everywhere, but I still had a good ride. Go Phil! 

Kaswyn is doing well too! I think I'll hop on him and have a little stroll around this week. I do love that boy! 

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Equine Snob said...

What a handsome man!!
Thank you for sharing! :)

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr