Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If it's not one thing, it's three. Thing #1.

Well, hi!

Yes, it's been awhile.  To say my life has been a little nuts is an understatement.

It's time to catch you up! Basically three things have been going on with me - My job, my husband's job, and Kaswyn.

Let's start with my job.

We used to have seven people running three labs.  Through every way possible, we have lost employees.  The usual basic stuff like being fired and quitting, but we also had a gal leave after only two months, and another guy was asked to leave when we found out that he didn't meet all the criteria needed to perform the job (something that human resources should have picked up on and never offered him the job in the first place.).  Then another gal went on maternity leave.

So we were left with three of us to run three labs.  It's been freakin crazytown.

I've been putting in some 10 hour days, working more weekends than usual, and just trying to keep us afloat.  We've hired two new people (but it takes a long time to train them), and the just-had-a-baby gal will be back at the beginning of February, but right now it's very busy.

I've still been able to ride, but sometimes I just don't have the energy to do it.  Especially on the weekends that I work after working all week.  That gets tough.  But I love my job, and it's all going to be ok.  Eventually.  Right now I tend to get a little exhausted, and Craig is putting in double Daddy duty.

Speaking of Craig, his job is Thing #2.

To be continued...

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McFawn said...

NOOOOO! Don't leave us hanging!

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