Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Buy Purina and Feed Rescue Horses

Yesterday I was contacted by Purina about their pledge to donate $125,000 of  feed to American Horse Council’s Unwanted Horse Coalition (UHC).  A portion of every bag of Strategy they sell in 2012 will be donated to the cause, which will give feed to 400 horse rescue shelters.  You can see the full press release and pictures here.  Pretty cool, right? 

I just did my part yesterday and bought seven bags of Purina feed for my boys.  If you're like me and you buy your own feed, you may want to consider signing up for the Purina Difference Reward Program.  Just click here to register.  They'll send you coupons in the mail for Purina feed.  It doesn't have to be just horse feed either!  So if you have chickens or goats or whatever, give it a try. 

So buy some Strategy (if you can), and help Purina support horse shelters! 

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HammersArk said...

I totally understand if you choose to not publish this comment however:

I used to LOVE Purina livestock feeds, and then I did some research (prompted by other research) into the riders/trainers they sponsor, and sent them an e-mail stating that they should re-consider some of the people they sponsor because of abusive and unethical pratices that these people openly use.

I used to spend apx $300/month on chicken/goat/horse/bunny feed but have since switched to other brands because they did not respond at all. I was not thrilled and even though this sounds like a good program, I still will not support Purina.

My feed store has also since outsourced to locally grown/processed feeds that are deisgned for my geographic area and not only are my animals doing well on these newer (less expensive...) feeds, they're actually doing better (their feet and coats have improved dramatically)! And I'm saving about $150 a month on feed.

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