Friday, September 23, 2011

The new horse - the first video

I know you're waiting for info about the new horse. I'm still super busy, but here is what I can give you right now.

He's a grey, six year old purebred Arabian gelding, and his barn name is Phil. He was a hunter pleasure horse for his previous trainers, and he's been shown a few times so he's broke. But as far as dressage goes he's pretty green. We are working on establishing connection and getting him to work slowly and calmly. He's a spicy little tomato, and has no problem going forward with energy. The issue with that is he gets too quick, loses the rhythm, and starts to rush. But he's a really good boy and wants to do what I'm asking. He's just trying to figure this all out.

This video is of my lesson last week with my trainer. This is at the end of our lesson, so we have already worked out some of the issues - like the fact that I had been leaning forward too much and not using my seat enough. Those are just bad habits that I picked up from not having consistent enough lessons. I hope to change that.

What you'll hear is my trainer schooling me through the last five minutes. She really hates to hear her voice on video (like we all do), but I thought it was really good to hear her instructions and to see what effect they had on me and Phil. So she might not be happy with it, but in the name of education I left her voice in. Sorry! :)

As you can see we have rhythm and connection issues to work out, but those will come rather quickly, I imagine, since Phil is very willing and smart. I hope to be able to get video every month or so. This will help me see our progress.

I'm very excited about Phil. But I haven't forgotten about Kaswyn. I've been riding him about every other day, and he gets turned out with his buddy Mikey - and now sometimes with Phil. I ride him bareback and work on my seat and body position, and he's been as happy as can be. I think we both are relieved that I've taken the pressure off of both of us, and since we don't have to be perfect anymore we can just enjoy each other. He's still not quite even in his stride, but I don't think he hurts. We hack around, occasionally doing fun movements, and just spend time together.

For the first time in six years, I'm really happy about Kaswyn. The apprehension is gone, and the ominous "Will he be lame today?" question is not the first one that I ask myself. Instead, it's "Should he get three treats, or four?" Truthfully it's usually more like five.

Yeah, it's good.


Now That's A Trot! said...

Phil is super cute! Congrats again!

I'm so glad you worked out a way to keep both horses... It sounds like you have a good plan for each of them, too.

Kate said...

What a pretty pony! He looks like he's going to be fantastic.

Urbancowgrrl said...

Beautiful horse! That's funny, I just finished my first video of my first riding lesson with my new horse too. I'm glad it's all working out for you!

Anonymous said...

What a nice horse. Congratulations!

Wiola said...

Great to read you stroke the perfect balance :) Will look forward to "progress videos", he looks smart!

Stacey Kimmel-Smith said...

I love where his neck ties into his shoulder and that long, lovely neck and head! You must be over the moon.

Orlando Equestrian said...

Congratulations! Beautiful horse. And I enjoyed the video; it's interesting to hear your instructor's comments. :)

Val said...

Glad to hear that you and Kaswyn are happier as a result of the new horse entering your lives. Instead of feelings of jealousy toward the new horse or guilt for spending time with a new horse, you can feel both experience relief and pressure-free special time together. I think that is perfect.

I really like Phil and you ride him beautifully. I can see why you would have been excited about buying him on many levels: conformation, attitude, clean training slate, and color. My, he is good looking. I really like your trainer and her style.

Tell her that she has a very pleasant training voice. :)

Jen said...

YougothimYougothimYougothim!!! *bounce*bounce*bounce* I'm SOOO excited for you (and us Arabian Horse-lovin' gals gots to stick together don'tcha know ;o)

He is just beautiful and I'm sure the two of you will find your groove in no time!

Minus Pride said...

Cute horse!!!! I can't wait for more pictures and video. Congratulations on getting a new horse!!!

McFawn said...

Wow, he looks great and so does the partnership. He looks awfully good for a green dressage horse--just imagine how lovely he'll be!

I also really appreciate hearing your instructor's comments--very educational and useful!

achieve1dream said...

I can't see the video. Do you have a direct link to YouTube?

Congrats on getting him. He sounds awesome!

achieve1dream said...

Yay! I finally figured it out. For some reason Firefox isn't letting me view embedded videos, but I was able to watch it on IE. :D

He's adorable! Such a beautiful mover and you ride him so well. I'm so excited for you. I think your two are going to make a great team. Congrats!

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