Monday, April 25, 2011

Spreading the word

A few years ago I decided I should be wearing a helmet every time I ride. I didn't used to wear one, but once I had kids I thought it was just the smart thing to do. Now I gently question people who don't wear helmets just because I think it's a good idea to wear a helmet, even on a horse you consider to be "bomb proof."

Well, here's another good idea. Riders 4 Helmets. It's a great organization, and they are giving away some great prizes in this contest.

From their website -

"The popular helmet awareness campaign has partnered with generous sponsors to offer the largest ever giveaway of riding helmets with a combined value of over $6,500, in addition to a highly sought after iPad2. Visitors to the Rolex KY 3DE (April 28-May 1) may visit the Riders4Helmets area in the “old” indoor arena to register for the giveaway, receive helmet safety literature, and, have the opportunity to participate in helmet fitting demonstrations (times available online). Equestrians who are unable to attend Rolex may register for the giveaway by visiting this link. The giveaway closes midnight on May 1st, 2011."

So either stop by their booth at Rolex or visit their link to enter.

Also, go buy a helmet! And wear it, for goodness sake.


Kate said...

I'll check it out when I'm down there! I sometimes laugh at the fact that I'm the only rider at my barn who wears a helmet. Legally, I'm the only one under18, so I have to. However, I'm also the only eventer, and I'd never jump without a helmet.

achieve1dream said...

Sweet I'm entering. :) Thanks for telling us about it.

Header Image from Bangbouh @ Flickr