Friday, March 12, 2010

Riding, Macey, and Tack Cleaning

Well I finally got back on a horse.

It took two weeks after my surgery to feel like I was able to ride again, and it went pretty well. I rode both horses for 20 minutes, and I felt like my legs were noodles after I was done. It's amazing how quickly I get out of shape when I don't ride. But both horses were very good, even though they both felt like they needed to get back into shape too. Since all three of us are getting older I'm going to take my time getting us all back up to speed.

Albert doesn't need to just get his endurance back, but he needs to lose some weight. He got very round in the past few months, and I could not only see if but I could feel it in my hips when I rode him. He is certainly wider then he needs to be! I know he'll shape back up soon when I'm able to ride more consistently.

Kaswyn put on a little weight also, but I think he needed the extra padding. He felt good when I rode him, but he took one of those funny steps behind like he did when his back was hurting. I immediately let him stretch down on a long rein and let his back come up and get soft again. But overall it was a nice ride and was great to be on him again.

After that day Macey came out to the barn with me and wanted to ride. Here is how that went -

Doesn't she look great! That little girl was steering that pony around, making him go and stop and everything. Did you see her stay with him through that spook?! And she didn't even get scared! Sure, sometimes it wasn't very pretty but she's only four years old. Craig saw the video and he said "Well, it's too late for that one.", meaning that Macey will probably be a horse girl. Yay!

A few days after that video was taken it got warm again. Today it was really nice and I was able to ride in a long sleeved shirt and light sweatshirt. It's fantastic not having to bundle up like I'm going to ride in the tundra every time I go to the barn. The only thing I don't love about the spring is the mud, which is coming up now in excess. Mud in the pasture means filthy horses, which means dirty blankets, saddle pads, and tack. I really really hate dirty horses!

But speaking of dirty tack - a company who makes tack cleaning products contacted me and asked me to review their products. They sent me free samples and asked me to write a blog post about the products in return for the samples. They are nice, full sized samples of the products, and I used them today. I'm going to use them a few times before I write my blog post review about them.

The company also offered to send full sized free samples to my readers who would like them. What do you guys think about that? I've never gotten any sort of payment or anything from the companies whose products I've mentioned here. When I write about a product - like the Freedom Semiflex Dressage Saddle - it's because I really believe in the product.

So I'll be writing that review some time next week. And at that point I'll post a link where any of you can get free samples if you want them. And if you don't, that's fine too!


STB Eventer said...

OMG Macey is only four and she is riding like that!!?? LOL! What a natural! Who is she on? Craig is right, there is no turning back for this one.

Glad to hear you are back riding. I have missed reading your blog.

Sign me up for the free tack cleaning products! :) I was just thinking I ought to clean my tack this weekend.....good thing I show or else my tack would never be clean. LOL

SoraSoul said...

Wow! Your daughter is so good. I'm impressed by how relaxed she is and how well she took the spook. Any little kid that age I've seen ride would have been crying.

I wish I could handle a spook that well =D

Crystal said...

Glad you are back, Macey looks like shes having fun. I love free samples, will definitly take you up on that one.

Rising Rainbow said...

Macey is just too cute. She did absolutely awesome. How did you get leathers short enough for her?

It's mud season here too. I'm with you, YUCK! Everything and everyone is dirty. I didn't need anymore work. LOL

I also got the tack cleaning stuff. Haven't even opened the box yet. Also got a book to review, wish I hadn't done that. LOL

Jen said...

Okay, I'm usually a lurker, but I HAD to comment after watching your video! She's amazing! I've seen kids 2-3x her age who have ridden for quite a while who aren't as good as she is. It will be neat if you two can share the horse thing. And yes, I love free samples! I'm anxious to hear your review; I have only found a few tack cleaning products that I really like.

lee said...


Anonymous said...

Yah for Macey! What a good little rider she is. My four year old sat through a spook like that but I was so scared it took all I had not to pull him off right away! Would not have been good for him, I know.
As for the reviewing, as long as you don't become one of those "all I do is review products and lie through my teeth about how good the product is so I can keep getting free stuff" you'll be fine. Lots of blogs (not horse related) that I use to read became like that so I stopped reading them, very boring.
I do like honest to goodness testimony on blogs, that's how I get most of my ideas. Although I tried your Miracle Groom tips and it isn't working for me, although my horse is gray so that could be the problem.
Anyway, I really enjoy your blog!

mCfAWN said...

What an assertive little girl! Even when he pulled on her for a second, she sat up, undaunted, and pushed him forward. She rides with a greater sense of purpose than most little kids. Sadly, that's a symptom of the horse bug.

scarlett said...

that is one awesome kid - and awesome mom.

I envy you that child. How fun it would be to share riding with a kid...

buckpony said...

Hello! My best friend shared your blog with me and after reading your profile, I knew I was in familiar territory! I LOVED the video of Macey riding! I'm going to share it with my daughter when she gets home from school today. She turns 5 tomorrow and rode our pony for about 20 minutes this past Saturday (not by herself though!) This was the longest she had ever ridden and I am holding out hope that she might be the one who will be willing to ride with me in the future! :) I can't wait to catch up on your blog - I, too, am a wife and mother of 3, have gone back to work full-time and have a passion for horses. We were in the process of building our barn, but it has been put on hold for a bit. I hope to return to riding on a regular basis soon. You just might be the inspiration I need! Juggling all of these responsibilities can be overwhelming at times. Thank you for sharing your life with us through your blog.

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