Thursday, April 09, 2009

More parents, less pony

My parents will be visiting for a week, which means I will not have time to ride after work. I will be able to get out and just lunge Kaswyn, but if I were to spend hours riding my parents would have a fit. Also it's nice to spend time with them and the girlies.

Since I'm only able to work Kaswyn, I asked Susan if she could lunge the other two. Unfortunately she's having a busy week at work, and said she might be able to lunge Albert. So then I asked about Fire's owner coming out to lunge him, and Susan said "I don't think she knows how to lunge."


I guess her horses have always been with a trainer and she's been an owner in the strictest sense. Not a rider or caretaker, just an owner. This will have to change. It's time for her to get involved, because I need the help and she has the time. Well, she doesn't have unlimited time but she has more free time than I do (I think) . Anyway, I don't mind teaching her how to groom, wrap legs, lunge, tack up, cool down, all that stuff, so she can help me. I imagine that she'll enjoy it. Susan said that nobody has ever taken the time to teach her, and I get the feeling that the trainer didn't want her involved.

Hopefully we can meet sometime next week and discuss the plan. If she agrees, then I'll get the help I need, she'll get to learn something, and her horse will get ridden. Everybody wins!


Grey Horse Matters said...

It sounds like you are going to have a busy but fun week. I'll bet the owner would jump at the chance to learn how to care and train her own horse. I think some people are just intimidated and don't feel they can do a good job, but if they are shown it all becomes so easy. It would be nice of you to help her.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Nate does have a cute butt. I'll tell my daughter you thought so; he's her horse and she just thinks he's the best.

smellshorsey said...

I have to confess that though I've never had a groom or trainer who did my work for me, I don't really know how to lunge. I've had a horse all my life and up until recently never felt the need to lunge -- if the horse was excited at a show or something I would ride it out of them (and lived to tell the tale).

My daughter says I am too reckless.

Anyway, I see the value of lunging so as an adult I have done a bit, but it makes me dizzy and I get tangled up in the rope. I hate it.

Wish I'd had somebody like you to teach me. Fire's new owner is very fortunate. (I still think it would make me dizzy.)

Enjoy your company!

Anonymous said...

lunging without getting dizzy is a case of watching the horse and not the background. Some safety tips are; when changing direction re-loop the rein begining with the trainer end so each loop folds over the top of the previous loop. Thus if the horse freaks and takes off you have a chance of letting the horse out to the end of the lunge lead without is getting caught up. 2. remain in a triangle horses mouth, you, horses hip with you staying aligned to the hip. this will allow you to drive the horse forward and discourage him from deciding to change direction. 3. lunge in a confined space if possible. This will encourage the horse to form a circle around you, rather than pulling in a particular direction away from you, and will encourage him to not fall into the circle. There is much more to lunging but if you are beginning without help it may gett ou started. cheers and good luck.

Haider said...

I must confess that I'm truly impressed by your riding skills and by the knowlede that you possess abou the horses

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