Monday, October 27, 2008

How to save $100

I went to my vet's office today and bought a one dose vial of Legend, which is 4 ml. It was $92. If I go through Smart Pak and buy a multi dose vial with five doses it works out to $70 a shot even with the shipping costs. Of course buying five doses at once sucks, but if I save $20 a dose over five doses that's $100.

So my advice? Order Legend in bulk from Smart Pak if your credit card can handle it.

Oh, and I went to the barn right afterwards and injected my boy with it. He stood perfectly still and I hit the vein on the first try. Yay me! Hopefully I'll see a little difference tomorrow when I ride him. Although the weather has been really crappy here today and will be crappy tomorrow, so he won't be going outside. Consequently he might be a little fresh for our ride. We'll see. As long as he's just energetic and not disobedient it should be a fun ride.


AnnL said...

Yes, but you can do IV injections. Most of us can't. I can do IM, but I need the vet to come out to do the IV shots. Sigh.

I hope the Legend is helping.

Rising Rainbow said...

I found the same thing....that by buying adequan online I could save quite a bit. However, the hard part was getting someone to write the script.

Hypnosis said...

Great suggestion! Thanks

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