Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Trying to be patient

Kaswyn got shots on Monday, and I expected him to have a huge swollen neck like he usually gets. I ask for Banamine to be given at the same time as his shots, but this is the first time that it's actually worked to help with the swelling. His neck looked great so I decided that I'd ride since the arena was not dry and dusty yet.

He felt really good except he was stiff to the left. I worked some trot serpentines and he had no problem giving me a nice right bend, but when I'd switch the bend to the left he'd block in his lower neck and shoulders and get lazy with the left hind. He'd bend in the ribs a bit, but I really want the left bend to feel as good as the right bend. I know it never will, but I'm going to make it as good as I can. By the end of the exercise he was much softer and willing to come through a bit more with the left hind as well.

He was a bit pooped for the canter but I pushed him a little anyway. It was great to the right (of course) and a little rough to the left. It seems like I write "stiff on the left" a lot in my calender. When we're actually working, that is.

On the arena front, Marge is unsure if she wants us to work on the arena with a Bobcat. She would be okay with Mr. K doing it, but she said she'll have to think about letting us go in there and try to fix things. I think she's afraid we'll make it worse, not better. No word from Mr. K yet.

Arrrgh! So frustrating...

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Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like you are trying to be patient on a couple of counts. Getting Kaswyn the way you want him and then this arena thing.

Kaswyn sounds like Dandy only in reverse. Dandy is awesome to the left and stiff to the right. He, too, wants to lock up where his neck meets his shoulder instead of round.

I can see where she'd be concerned. If you mess up the base it's all over. The only fix then will be really expensive. While I understand about the base, I don't have enough experience working with tractors to be confident about not screwing it up.

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