Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Get the popcorn

Today my trainer recorded a short video of me riding Kaswyn. Check it out -

When I was riding him he felt really good. A little bit lazy, but sound and even. However, when I looked at the video at home he looked a little uneven on that left front. It puts a little ball of uneasyness in my stomach.

I guess I just need to keep this up and see what happens. He'll let me know if it's too much.

Oh, and a quick update on my grandfather. My dad made some noise about his rights as a patient not being fulfilled, and after that he got at least one call a day from the doctors. Following almost a week with no diagnosis and lots and lots of tests, they have concluded that the aspirin that my grandfather has been taking for his blood has given him an ulcerated esophagus or stomach. He was given a prescription for Nexium and he was discharged today. We'll see if they are correct. He doesn't feel better yet, but I'm sure that it takes awhile to heal those ulcers. Thanks to all of you who asked about him.


Marianne said...

I have been scouring the internet for days and many hours looking for some help for my 12 yr old TB who just got diagnosed with navicular on his left front (bad ex-rays - a cyst and deformed coffin bone ends)
Anyway, I read your entire blog until 12 midnite last night! Parts of it are hilarious. I especially liked the bite walks - that sounds like me and Sunny. I was transfixed about every little thing concerning Kaswyn and his progress, etc. Your blog popped up because I did a search for Herbal remedies and navicular." Are you still giving him those herbs? Do you think they have helped? What do you think about the idea that he still may seem a tiny uneven in the front because one foot is nerved and one isn't. ??
Anyway, I would love to know if you still like the herbs and would you recommend them. I hope and pray tat the progress for Kaswyn is permanent. I know what an amazing heartbreak and roller coaster it is.
Anyway, thanks.

Rising Rainbow said...

Hope your grandfather gets better, that the nexium does the trick. If it works, let me know, I was prescribed it and had a reaction to it just on the doctors samples. Have a full prescription that's not been touched. It's expensive!

Also, looked to me like maybe Kaswyn was getting better towards the end of the clip, was that just the angle, or did he work out of it? For some reason, I thought he was a gray. Don't know how I got that idea.

dressagemom said...

It's hard to say if he worked out of it because I'm still only going three laps of the arena each direction. Not even enough for a real warm-up! It could have just been the angle. He didn't feel uneven - I know I'd have noticed that. At this point I'm more apt to trust how he feels than how he looks, but seeing what looked like uneven strides bothers me.

Rising Rainbow said...

I've looked at this a number of times and noticed that he has a slight head bob that goes with the off stride. That would bother me.

I'm wishing you luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say "hello" and have my first look at you and Kaswyn in motion. Even if he is a bit wobbly, it must be nice to be in motion after all this time.

Kate (BosphorusRamiblings)

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